Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eyeshadow: my first Essence eye colour

I recently picked up my first Essence eyeshadow from Target for a mere $3.25. It's one of their sparkling effect  eyeshadows in #02 Dance All Night. It's basically a shimmery white with fine gold glitter in it. I would have taken a picture, but I knocked it off the vanity in the bathroom and it fell onto the tiles, shattering everywhere. I'm such a klutz. I was able to salvage a fair bit of it, but it's not exactly a 'pressed' eyeshadow any more.
Blurred a little so you can see the sparkle. Left: over Urban Decay primer potion. Right: over NYX jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese (this is how I wore it).

I wanted to do a simple look so as not to take focus away from the white. I ended up applying Essence Dance All Night all over the lid, inner corner and lower lashline over NYX jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese. I then applied a bit of Inglot 636 Matte (light brown) in the in crease, with a dab of AMC 62 (black with gold sparkle) in the deep crease to add some depth.

A shimmery white look with a bit of sparkle (which you can't really see, sadly).

I quite like how the Essence eyeshadow applied. At least I managed to finish applying my makeup before I smashed it. It wasn't too powdery or anything, but a bunch of the glitter did fall down on my cheek. The stickiness of the NYX base allowed a bunch of sparkle to stick to my eyes, though, so the sparkle wasn't all lost.

For $3.25, I'd definitely pick up some more Essence eyeshadows. Any shade recommendations? I've already got my eye on the green Emma mentioned here (my local Target was all out, but I'm going to go back and check again next weekend).