Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eyeshadow: smoky burgundy

I wanted something a little softer today, so I chose some little-used Inglot shadows for this look. Also, the lovely ladies at EyeGraffiti ( inspired me to use one of my Barry M dazzle dusts, which I've also been neglecting. For those of you who celebrate it, I thought this would be appropriate for a Valentine's Day look.

Top row: Inglot 446 Pearl, Inglot 399 Pearl, Barry M Dazzle Dust #89 (Oyster Grey) and Inglot AMC Shine 35.

Bottom row (far right): Inglot 354 Matte.

I applied the Barry M dazzle dust all over the lid to begin with. I then applied 399 along the lower lashline. In the crease I used 446 and added a little to the outer edge of the lower lashline. I used a little 399 on the edges of the 446 in the crease to soften the look. I then applied 354 to the browbone and 35 on the inner corner. With my liner, I applied a super-thin line to the top, then went over it with black eyeshadow (Stila Ebony) to soften it. I also didn't wing it out as I usually do.

A soft, pinkish burgundy look.

It's a shame you can't really see the colours accurately in these photos. In real life, the crease was a bit darker and the lid colour definitely looks greyish, with a noticeable pink colour shift.

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