Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eyeshadow: teal and copper look

I've been trying to give some of my little-used eyeshadows some love recently, so this look was borne from that. I used the Urban Decay Naked palette, as well as the two i.color eyeshadows I got in Hong Kong. This look was very simple and I did it in a hurry before work.

Teal, copper and some neutral thrown in for good measure.

I applied the teal (356s) all over the lid and the copper (363s) along the lower lashline. In the crease I used a mixture of Sidecar and Hustle, with a smidgin of Creep at the outer corner (all from the Naked palette). I finished it off with Virgin (Naked palette) on the brow bone and inner corner. Five minutes and I was done!