Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nails: Orly Bailamos, Sportsgirl Mermaid & OPI Super Bass Shatter

Phew! What a long title. This week I'm wearing three different nail polishes layered on top of one another. I'd been eyeing off Orly's Bailamos for the longest time, but denied myself because I didn't think I'd use up a whole bottle. The other day, my local Priceline had a number of baskets near the counter where everything was discounted to $2, which included the mini bottle of Bailamos! I'd never even seen it in the mini before. Needless to say, I snapped it up. Sportsgirl Mermaid was a Christmas gift from my friend Helen and the OPI Super Bass Shatter  was a somewhat impulsive buy from a small stall in my local shopping centre.

 Left to right: Orly Bailamos, Sportsgirl Nail It! Mermaid, OPI Super Bass Shatter.

First, I wore Bailamos with Mermaid on top for a few days before I added the shatter topcoat. I wish I'd thought to take photos of Bailamos on its own before I added Mermaid. Bailamos is an aqua shimmer that applies like a dream. Very smooth and opaque, I only needed two coats. I applied one coat of Mermaid, which is a sheer blue with lots of sparkle in various shades of blue. What this did was take the aqua tinge off Bailamos and make it bluer.

 Orly Bailamos with Sportsgirl Mermaid on top.

After a couple of days, I couldn't handle seeing my nails so plain-looking (for me), so I added a coat of Super Bass Shatter. No, I'm not over the crackle polish craze yet. I know a lot of people are, so sorry if this is yet another crackle mani! Anyway, I was impressed because the cracks in this were huge, which means you could easily see the colour underneath. The purple itself is a gorgeous, shimmery red-based purple, although like most crackle polishes, it dried somewhat matte. I then added a coat of glossy topcoat to seal it all in and show off the shimmer in Super Bass.

With OPI Super Bass Shatter and a layer of clear topcoat.

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