Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eyeshadow: Napoleon Quick Silver

I recently bought a new cream eyeshadow that I simply couldn't resist. It's from the Napoleon Metalika collection and it's called Quick Silver. It's an odd choice for a name, since it's a flesh-toned colour with an insane amount of glitter and sparkle. It also doesn't budge once it's set, which is awesome. The only problem is the price at $35. However, considering you only need the teeniest amount (yes, I accidentally used too much for my swatch pic), it'll probably last for years.

A neutral colour with ridiculous amounts of shimmer.

While it has glitter and tons of it, it's not chunky at all. I really don't know how they've done it. Here's a swatch as my camera captured it (no, my skin's not normally that orange). The only thing you can't see it the microglitter in different colours! That's right, it's not all silvery like it appears here. It's much more colourful than you'd imagine, but not like a disco ball or rainbow.

For this look I used a little bit of Buck and Naked from the Urban Decay Naked palette in my crease, with Quick Silver all over the lid and along the lower lashline. I popped a little on the back of my hand and applied it on my lid with my ring finger and then did the lower lashline with a synthetic brush. I like that it's in a squeezy tube because it means it won't dry out like cream eyeshadows in little jars, for example.
Look at that sparkle!

To truly test its longevity, I actually wore Quick Silver on its own to a music festival on the weekend and it looked just as good after 12 hours as it did when I applied it. And trust me, it was a stinker of a day. I was sweating profusely and there was no creasing or anything. Definitely a winner in my book!