Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eyeshadow: smoky green

Here's another look using the Sleek i-Divine Original palette. Check out my numbering here. I've done a couple of looks using this palette, but I haven't touched the greens, so that's what I used today. The only eyeshadow I used that's not from the palette is my brow and inner corner highlight, which I've talked about below.

A green, olive and black shimmery look.

I applied the green (6) all over the lid. I then applied the olive (12) eyeshadow along the lower lashline. I also used it widely in the crease, mixed with the black (1) to darken it. I finished off the eyeshadow with a little loose white shimmer from an Urban Outfitters trio. Not a lot to it, really.

A closer look at my highlight colour.
My highlight colour is from a trio stack of loose eyeshadows that I got from Urban Outfitters on a trip to the US years ago. It was a totally random find, but a great one. The colour on top is white with a gold sheen, plus there's a super-shimmery pale blue and green. I remember there was a different trio with a purple in it, but I decided to not 'overdo' it with the eyeshadows. I regret that because these are so fine, they're amazing.

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