Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eyeshadow: super subtle glittery look

On the weekend I had a 1st birthday party to attend, so I wanted really subtle eye makeup so I wouldn't frighten all the children. I decided that if I was going to tame it down, glitter was definitely a requirement. I ended up using only three eyeshadows for this look and it only took a couple of minutes to do.

 Left: Illamasqua Static pigment. Right: Stila Viola eyeshadow.

This look couldn't have been easier. I applied Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy all over the lid, inner corner and along the lower lashline, and then I patted Static all over that. I gently applied a little Viola in the crease and finished it off with Urban Decay Virgin on browbone (they really need to make this one available on its own). A little liner and mascara, and I was done.

Ooh, sparkly pink delights!

Looking at these pictures, I think I could have applied a bit more Viola in the crease to fill that enormous gap between my lid and my brow, although it was a little darker and more apparent in real life. I love the subtlety of Static in the shade and then when it hits the light, it smacks you in the face with its sparkle.

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