Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nails: Sally Hansen Fractured Foil

This post is way overdue! The other day I showed you all Revlon's Fire Fox and mentioned that I had some tip wear. I decided to cover it up with yep, another crackle polish. This time, I used Fractured Foil by Sally Hansen. I hadn't used it before, but it appeared to be a much cheaper dupe for OPI's Silver Shatter, so I grabbed it when I had the chance.

A silver crackle polish, much like OPI Silver Shatter.

It was kind of tricky to apply because I had to be careful about how much I used. In the end, I had to be a little light-handed to ensure I didn't do too thick a coat, which resulted in fewer cracks (my index finger is a good example). On my right hand (not shown here) I did too thin a coat and it barely cracked at all.

Silver over red. Yes please!

Overall, I'm very impressed with this crackle polish. The cracks are big enough to show the base coat, it dried really quickly and it's less than $10. I'd definitely get another one if I saw a colour I liked.

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