Monday, February 27, 2012

Nails: Zoya Ki

Last week (yes, I'm that far behind), I wore Zoya Ki for the first time. It looked nice in the end, only I stuffed up the application so it looked like crap. However, the colour shift from purple to green is totally awesome. It's an older polish, I believe an because of that, the formula wasn't as good as the more recent Zoyas I've tried.
Zoya Ki.

It needed three coats to be fully opaque. It applied smoothly, but was a little patchy after two coats, so I added the third. My mistake was doing too thick a coat because it actually bubbled a little (this is most obvious on my pinkie). A layer of topcoat smoothed it out, but you could still quite clearly see it. The duochrome effect is amazing, though. It's a very strong, noticeable colour shift. I even got compliments on it when someone noticed it wasn't actually green!

 Starts off purple.

 Then looks purple with a greenish tinge.

 Then looks green with a purplish tinge.

 Then is just plain green.