Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Victorian Disco Cosmetics is a new indie makeup brand that you'll find on Etsy ( I've read a few reviews and thought I may as well give them a go, seeing how they have a Star Wars-themed collection and all. I also discovered that they sell glitter, so in the end I got six eyeshadow samples and five glitter samples, plus I received two free sample baggies of glitter. I bought these during their 15% off Valentine's Day sale, which is still going until the 15th of February.

My cute little bag of goodies.
This was my first purchase from Etsy and I was very pleased. The store was easy to browse, with all the eyeshadows organised according to collection. There are two listings for each eyeshadow: sample size and full-size jar. All of my samples came in little jars, apart from the two free sample baggies of glitter. I used PayPal to check out and it was really quick and easy to buy from the site.

The glitters.
Top row (L-R): Desert Eagle and Noob Tube.
Middle row: Tac Nuke, Choppa Gunna and FAMAS.
Bottom row: Semtex and Bling Pro.

The eyeshadows.
Top row (L-R): Archduchess, Yoda's Yoga Mat and Tuxedo Mask.
Bottorm row: Death Star, The Fett and Ewok Pajama Party.

I was really impressed with my transaction. My order arrived in two weeks (remember, I live in Australia) and it came securely packaged in a padded bubble envelope. I love the cute little organza bag that they all came in. It came with an invoice that had a personal thank you note written by Ashley.

I haven't actually had a chance to wear any of the eyeshadows yet, but from the way they applied on my hand when I swatched them, I can tell you that they're smooth and pigmented without being patchy. I'm wearing one of the glitters today (Desert Eagle) and the mixture of colours in it is gorgeous! Anyway, onto the swatches.

The glitters
All swatched over Pixie Epoxy.
 Left to right: Desert Eagle, Noob Tube and FAMAS.

Left to right: Tac Nuke, Choppa Gunna, Semtex (free sample) and Bling Pro (free sample).

The eyeshadows
The first lot is swatched over Urban Decay primer and then the second lot is over Pixie Epoxy.
Left to right: Archduchess, Yoda's Yoga Mat and Tuxedo Mask.

Left to right: Archduchess, Yoda's Yoga Mat and Tuxedo Mask.

Left to right: Death Star, The Fett and Ewok Pajama Party.
 Left to right: Death Star, The Fett and Ewok Pajama Party.

As you can see, the only eyeshadow that was a little patchy is Ewok Pajama Party, although I think that's because its base isn't as shimmery as the others. However, check it out over Pixie Epoxy! I didn't even know there was purple in there. All in all, I think the colours are lovely and I can't wait to wear them. From this experience alone, I'd definitely order from Victorian Disco Cosmetics again, although of course, I'll reserve full judgement until I've actually had a chance to wear the colours.

I hope this review has been helpful. Are you all drooling over the colours like I am? Have you guys tried Victorian Disco Cosmetics before?

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