Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weird bug: country-specific URLs

Hi all. Google is starting to use country-specific URLs for Blogger blogs, so of course this means bugs. I'm sure a lot of you already know Jerry from Silhouette Screams and she mentioned the problem that I'm now having a few weeks ago. Her post can be found here. Basically, since I'm in Australia, I can only view the version of my own blog, which shows only comments that Australian readers have left and my corresponding replies. The ordinary .com version of it shows only international readers' comments and none of my Aussie readers'. I can't even see the .com version of the blog!

I can't even email Google (let me know if I've got this wrong), so I've been forced to post the issue in the forum in the hopes that someone can come up with a solution. For now, since I reply to comments via email, I'm able to at least read everyone's comments and reply, although some of them may not appear on my blog, depending on where you live. Fingers crossed a solution presents itself soon.