Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eyeshadow: bright pinks

I felt like wearing bright colours, so I decided to combine pink with a hint of purple for this look. Of course, Sugarpill had to come to the party because let's face it, no one else makes mattes that are this bright (no, not even Inglot). The Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow I used has a satiny finish, so the most shimmery part of this look was the Napoleon loose eye dust I wore on the inner corner.

Top row (L-R): Urban Decay Fishnet, Sugarpill Dollipop.
Bottom row (L-R): Sugarpill Poison Plum, Napoleon Perdis Winter Lily.
I started off with Fishnet applied all over the lid and along the lower lashline. I then ran Dollipop through my crease and added a small amount of Poison Plum to the deep crease to darken it a little and give it a bit more depth. I finished off with Winter Lily on the inner corner. I then  used Foxy from the UD Naked 2 palette on my browbone.

Not sure why I look goofy and surprised in the top pic. Anyway, it's bright and it's pink.

I like how this turned out. Apart from being bright, it's a different look for me in that there's very little shimmer and no glitter whatsoever. Of course, considering I wore this to work, there wasn't really any time for glitter. Maybe next time!