Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eyeshadow: Sugarpill Magentric two ways

As a special request, I wore Sugarpill's Magentric to work the other other day and then dug out an older set of photos of me wearing similar colours. I thought I'd upload them all so you can see how different Magentric can look, depending on the way you apply it. May as well get the crappy out-of-focus pictures out of the way first.
I can't really remember what I used here, but it looks like maybe a mixture of browns in the crease, most likely from the Urban Decay Naked palette. If that's the case, the brow highlight is most likely Virgin. However, I can say for sure that Magentric is applied over Pixie Epoxy. My eye shape looks different to normal because I did a soft liner along the top with no wing!

Magentric over Pixie Epoxy.

For this second look, I used a mixture of Busted and Pistol from the Naked 2 palette in the crease. Magentric was applied over my usual Urban Decay Primer Potion. Bootycall was used on the browbone. I did my usual liner this time.

Magentric dry over regular primer.

See how much pinker it is in the second look? It's a lot darker and more burgundy in the first one, I think. I hope those of you who have awesome Sugarpill Chromalusts do something funky with them and try wearing them different ways!