Friday, April 6, 2012

Nails: China Glaze Instant Chemistry (Magnetix)

I recently did a small order from Nail Etc ( and couldn't wait to give my first magnetic nail polish a go: China Glaze Instant Chemistry. It's cool concept that's yet to hit Australia. Instant Chemistry is a deep burgundy shimmer, with a pink-coloured pattern drawn out by the magnet. I really love the colour.

China Glaze Instant Chemistry.
Application was excellent! I applied two coats. The first one dried really quickly so I knew I had to work fast with the second. I applied a thin second coat and then held the magnet above it for a few seconds. I did that one nail at a time. I love how it turned out!

My biggest problem was actually centring the magnet above each nail so that the star design I chose would be in the middle of each nail. As you can see, I only really succeeded with my middle finger. My pinkie was appalling and I managed to touch the wet polish with the magnet on the thumb (on both hands, mind you). Still, with a bit of practise, I'm sure I can get this looking amazing.

I chose the star pattern out of the three available.

So have any of you guys tried magnetic nail polish yet? What do you think? I hope your attempts worked out better than mine, but gee it's fun just giving it a go! I hope to do this again soon (after I wear all my other new polishes, of course) with a much improved result.