Saturday, July 21, 2012

Haul: holiday nail polishes (pic heavy)

Hey everyone! As promised, here is the mega post of nail polish that I got from Europe. I got a total of 13, which is quite heavy, so I ended up posting 10 of them home. Luckily for me, they all survived the trip unscathed. The other three I bought after I'd sent the others. I kind of went nuts, but I got polish from brands I can't get here and that I've never even heard of before. As always, the colours don't show up exactly right in the pictures, but I think they're OK. Just some of the extra special sparkle or duochrome might not be as apparent. Anyway, here we go!

Barry M #334 Teal

Models Own Purple Blue Beetle Juice

Star Gazer #175

Snowcrystal $458 Granite Green

H&M Purple Glitter

Depend #313? (there's no name and this is the only number I can see on the bottle)

L'Oreal Color Riche #805 Mysterious Icon

Lumene Natural Code #33 Trouble Maker

Layla Magneffect in #07 Metallic Sky

Butter London Knackered

Max Factor Max Effect #45 Fantasy Fire (yes! I know this one is hard to find)

Claire's Magnetix (no name or number anywhere but it's the silver one)

Accessorize #38 Aztec

That's it! A few of those were minis, which I like. There's a few different kinds of polish in there, but mostly shimmers and a bunch of glitter, along with a couple of magnetic ones. The cheapest was the H&M polish, which was €0.95! The Butter London one was obviously the most expensive. Max Factor's Fantasy Fire is the one I'm most excited about, I think. What are your favourites? Do you have any of these already? I can't wait to try them all!