Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nails: Barry M Teal

So I'm a little behind on this, but the nail polish I wore last week was Barry M Teal. It's the first of my nail polishes that I got on my overseas trip and it's a stunner. As usual, the colour doesn't look quite right in these pictures. Teal is a metallic turquoise, so it's not quite as blue as it appears here. It's a fabulous colour and the formula was a dream. This is my first Barry M nail polish but it most certainly won't be my last.

Barry M Teal.

This was only two coats and it was fully opaque. I probably should have done three thin coats, as my second coat was thick and I got a minute amount of bubbling. It applies really well and dried very, very quickly. The metallic look of this polih is off the wall. I mean, look at it!

It's a bit darker and greener than this in real life.

Have you guys tried Barry M nail polish before? Can anyone recommend some colours that I can't live without? I wonder if they're all as awesome as this! Totally love this colour.