Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nails: Models Own Purple Blue Beetle Juice

Another new nail polish for you today! This one is the much-hyped Purple Blue from the Models Own Beetle Juice collection. Yes, this was out months ago but it's new to me. I have to say the it's worth the hype. It's a fabulous colour (colours, really) and it sparkles and shifts like magic. It was also fairly cheap, if I remember correctly.

 Models Own Purple Blue.

This applied really well. I needed three thin coats, but less fussy people could probably get away with two. I just found it intensified the colour and the shimmer. It was so quick to dry, I couldn't believe it! It wasn't gritty, but all the shimmer gave it a textured finish, so I recommend a glossy topcoat. 

It really is purple with a blue sheen, as per its name.

 Angle it slightly and it looks purple with a dark pink sheen.

Angle it some more and it looks burgundy with a pink shift.

Then it looks burgundy with a coppery sheen!

I love this nail polish. The colour is gorgeous and the unexpected colour shift was an awesome bonus. I only wish I'd gotten a couple more from the Beetle Juice collection. Oh well. Maybe next time!