Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nails: Butter London Knackered

Last week I finally got around to wearing Butter London's Knackered. It's such a pretty colour, even though it kind of looks a little meh in the bottle. It's not just a silvery grey with holographic glitter in it. It's got an awesome duochrome that's really hard to see from my crappy photo of the bottle. The other photos are much better and show its prettiness better. I just wish I'd thought to take photos out in the sun so you can see its full amazingness.

Butter London Knackered.

First of all, while this polish was really easy to apply, it's very sheer. I used three coats, although a fourth would probably have been better. I imagine two coats would do if you wore it over an opaque base. Still, it applied smoothly and dried really quickly. The scattered holo particles are really fine, so it doesn't feel gritty like some glitter polishes.

This is generally how it looks most of the time: pinkish/purple sheen.

Tilt it at the right angle and you get a pretty green duochrome!

I adore this polish. I can live with its sheerness because it's so beautiful and easy to apply. The duochrome in it is a nice touch, as is the holo glitter. You really have to see this baby in the sun to appreciate its true beauty.