Monday, February 25, 2013

Eyeshadow: dramatic smoky eye

I have something a little different today. It's a dark, dramatic smoky eye. Everyone does these but I'm actually really bad at them, so I'm quite proud of this look. I did an extended shape and silver too. It was basically done with my new Wet n Wild palette, Shimmer The Night Away.

Wet n Wild Shimmer The Night Away palette.

There was no imagination or creativity in this look. I used the left-hand side of the palette with the suggested placements for the eyeshadows. I adore the silver eyelid shade because it prevented the look from being too dark for daytime (which is when I did this).

Silvery smoky eye.

 I love this palette! It's a really simple way to do a smoky eye. I can't wait to use the right-hand side to add some colour into a smoky look too.