Monday, March 4, 2013

Nails: OPI Stay The Night (liquid sand)

Today I have my first liquid sand polish from OPI: Stay The Night. It's a black base with red glitter in it. I got a mini bottle of it. I had no idea what to expect, apart from the finished mani, which I'd seen on a couple of blogs. It was just like applying a regular polish, with the only difference being in the finish and how it dried.

OPI Stay The Night.

I applied three coats of this polish to reach full opacity. It dries super quick, so you need to apply it very quickly too. I obviously didn't bother with a topcoat and it didn't make any difference to the wear: eight days with only the most minor tip wear. Its longevity is amazing.

Matte, textured black base with visible red glitter.

The finish is quite unique. It actually feels like gritty sand. What I like about this particular polish is the fact that the glitter is still glittery and stands out among the matte base. It's not as jet black as I thought it would be, but in real life, it was a bit blacker than in the above image.

Apart from tip wear, the only other change as it wore on was that the red from the glitter kind of got washed off after showering and washing my hair, leaving it silver. By the time I took it off, it was equal parts silver and red glitter, which looked really awesome too. I'm hoping I'll get the same kind of wear and awesome finish from the purple one, Can't Let Go.