Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eyeshadow: super-sparkly purple

*** This is a scheduled post. I'm currently on holidays, living the high life in Malaysia and Singapore! ***

Hi guys! This is my first attempt at posting while on holidays. Here's hoping it works! In this look I've used what I think is the sparkliest pressed eyeshadow I've ever encountered. It's gorgeous on so many levels, but isn't without its issues. I used more subtle shades with it because it's so flashy and doesn't need anything else to look amazing.

Left to right: Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows in #1. Conch Pearls, Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow in No. 32 - Pop Idol and Make Up Store cybershadow in Cosmic.

Wow, those are some long-winded names! The star of the show is the Sephora eyeshadow, of course. What a ho-hum name for it: Colorful Eyeshadow. Its magnificence can't be underestimated. I actually ordered this through Tarazz (www.tarazz.com.au), which is where us Aussies can actually order from a somewhat cut-down Sephora! I'm not sure how much postage is, but I did an order for a few things a couple months back when they had a $10 flat shipping promo. Worked out really well for me. That was also well before the Aussie dollar started nosediving. Poo. As you can see, it also didn't arrive in one piece. It shattered a little, but if I open it carefully, it's still totally usable.

Anyway, this look is really simple because the eyeshadow is so flashy. I applied Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy all over the lid (yes, I managed to find it - hooray!) and along the lower lashline and then patted the Sephora eyeshadow on top. I used a little of the dark grey eyeshadow from the Mirenesse trio in my crease, finishing off with Cosmic on my browbone.

Super-sparkly plum madness!

My photos don't really show how glittery this eyeshadow is. It's silvery and gorgeous and catches the light in an almost blinding way, according to my sister. Hehe. I surprisingly didn't have too much glitter fallout when I was applying it, but as the day wore on, as I blinked little bits fell away and landed on my cheeks. It's very fine glitter so it didn't look awful, but it's something to be aware of if you're thinking about buying one of these eyeshadows. I really love it, so if I find more colours in Singapore, for example, they'll be coming home with me.