Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update: hiatus

Hi there guys. Not sure if there are any of you left, but if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by/sticking with me. The last couple of months have been hectic and stressful, with some health issues thrown in for good measure. Everything seems to have sorted itself out now, which is great. I feel so much better and I'm ready to get back to my love of makeup once again.

First of all, I had some good news. My colleagues and I would be working from home on a permanent basis! Awesome, right? Well, it is, but also getting everything sorted and set up was a lot of work. Packing, hauling crap home, backing up/setting up computers. You name it, it needed doing, all while getting our actual work done at the same time. So that kept me offline for about a month.

On top of all this, during the move, my hayfever went berserk. Perhaps it was the change of seasons as autumn set in, who knows? My eyes were the most affected and they watered nonstop. I literally couldn't wear eye makeup of any description: there just wasn't any point, since it all washed off within a couple of hours. I ended up taking an additional antihistamine each morning, which started working after about a week.

I then started wearing just a wash of cream eyeshadow (Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, I love you) to see how it went and whether it lasted. Once it did, I tentatively gave my Urban Decay Naked palettes a bit of love to see how powder eyeshadow went. Success! I went back to wearing brights and loose eyeshadows and everything seems to be good again. I've now been going for a week!

I've missed everything about blogging, but mainly interacting with other like-minded makeup fiends. I can't wait to see what you've been up to! I'm so excited to be back. I hope it's for good and as frequent as before (now that I'm working from home). Thanks for reading this rant and much love for hanging around.


P.S. Here's what I'm wearing today. New Femme Fatale Cosmetics eyeshadows!

You can't tell since I'm wearing it in my crease, but this could be the most amazing green eyeshadow I've ever seen. I'll have to try wearing it on the lid. Stay tuned. :)