Friday, July 12, 2013

Eyeshadow: pale golden shimmer

More new goodies to share today. I tried out my new Too Faced palette and so far, it's awesome. The palette comes with three cards that show you how to apply the eyeshadows in the palette to create three looks. Basically, each line of eyeshadows creates one look. However, I wanted to go more subtle today so I  didn't use all the colours from any one look. I used two of the three 'Classic' look shadows, plus one from the 'Day' look.

Too Faced The Natural Eye palette.

I applied Satin Sheets all over the lid, along the lower lashline and on the inner corner of my eye. I then used Like a Virgin in the crease and on the outer quarter of the lower lashline to add a little depth. I finished it off with Birthday Suit on the browbone.

Pale gold shimmer with a slightly pink sheen.  

I love these eyeshadows! See how there's a slight pinkiness to the golden shimmer in Satin Sheets? So pretty. I have so much room between my eye and my eyebrow that I could have brought up Like a Virgin a bit further. Never mind. I think this would have looked nice with the intended Unmentionables in the crease, but I didn't want it looking too shimmery or anything. FYI, Like a Virgin and Stiletto are the only mattes in the palette. Next time I'll do the look as suggested by Too Faced.