Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eyeshadow: shimmery neutral

Yes, another neutral look. This one is using the Too Faced Naked Eye palette again, which is the reason for the neutral. It's got shimmer, though. I wanted to keep this very simple and I did it quickly, so it's softer than normal because I didn't use an eyeliner (I know, I'm freaked out too!).

Too Faced Naked Eye palette.

I applied Lap Dance all over the lid and along the outer half of the lower lashline. I then used Pink Cheeks on the browbone and finished off with Stiletto along the top lashline and on the outer half of my waterline. The result was a much softer look than normal, although I winged out the end of the line a little, just to keep it interesting.

Soft, shimmery neutrals with a subtle liner look.

OK, that's it. Next time there'll be a slightly more interesting look. I love neutrals but I need a break now. Give me colour! Speaking of which, I had a small Fyrinnae order arrive yesterday so I'll have to swatch my new babies for you too. Wee!