Friday, July 26, 2013

Guest post: 3 Beautiful Green MAC Eyeshadows Review & EOTD

Hi Everyone,
I am a big fan of MAC eye shadows and own few of the pretty shades. Be it their lipstick, eyeliner or foundation I have tried it all. In India, MAC is not that expensive as compared to Australia so if you have any plans of visiting India then do check out some duty free shops of MAC on the airport. They have all the MAC products at much cheaper rates.

Coming to eye makeup, my love with eye makeup started with smoky eyes. I used to be mesmerized by all the celebrity eye makeups and when I Googled how to make smokey eyes, I was instantly hooked to it and since then I have been practicing eye makeup.

Below are three of my eye makeup looks which I did using my three MAC Green eyeshadows which are my favourite.

It’s such a pretty green teal shade which pops up my eyes when used as an eyeliner or an eye shadow. What makes it different is the nice subtle frosty finish which is smooth in texture and high on pigmentation.

A sheer lime green shade which is subtle frosty shade. Texture of the eye shadow is very smooth and velvety though a little sheer. Shade is perfect to be used with any shade of green or purple and I especially like to use it in the inner corner of my eyes.

MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow is a beautiful golden lime green colour which has shimmer to it. I love the pattern which it used to have when I bought it and that’s the reason I am showing you three pictures below J. It blends smoothly on me and lasts long time.

I hope you like the three of my favourite eyeshadows.
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