Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm back! Plus a UV mani update

Hi everyone! I'm back. Miss me? I had two glorious weeks in the tropics and now I'm sitting here shivering in the horrible Australian winter. Sigh. For two lovely weeks I had sunny awesomeness, first in Malaysia on the island of Langkawi and then in Singapore. So here are a couple of photos.

This is the view from my hotel room at the Casa del Mar in Langkawi. Pool and then 10m beyond that is the beach!
Pantai Cenang beach in Langkawi, Malaysia.

A sunset photo of Langkawi, taken from my dinner table on the beach at the hotel!

 The incredible Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I only spent my last night here since it's very expensive.

The amazing infinity pool at the top of the Marina Bay Sands. Boyfriend on the left, me on the right. 

The view from our room: the Gardens by the Bay! So amazing.

And now for an update on my mani. As I mentioned in my previous post here, I tried the whole gel/UV mani thing for the first time for this trip to see how it went. Ultimately, the answer for me is not too good. 

For a start, My nails grow stupidly fast, so two weeks is a long time for me to leave on nail polish, as it has that horrible gap at the top between the cuticles. Also, I'm used to having shorter nails, so by the end of the two weeks, I was desperate to chop them off. Ugh. I couldn't type to save my life.

Secondly, despite all promises to the contrary, it didn't last. I got my first chip maybe four days in and I had tip wear on all of my nails by the end of the two weeks. By the end of my holiday, my index finger had almost peeled off completely. 

So for the faint of heart, look away now because the photo below is not pretty. I was meant to visit my friend so she could lend me her Acetone to remove it, but I couldn't wait. I peeled them all off (that was surprisingly easy to do) and with it the top layer of each nail. They looked awful, but after a quick buff, they're back to normal. I hacked them all off too. So without further adieu, here is the final result:

Horrible, isn't it? I can totally understand why people like the idea of gel polish. However, it's not for me. My nails grow way too quickly and I can't stand the thought of one colour for a full fortnight or even a month. I'm not sure why it chipped so soon either. My friend's used this polish for ages and she's never had chipping at all. Perhaps it's the salt water or chlorine? Because I can tell you, my hands didn't do much for the first week, other than flap around in the water.

I'll finish up. Sorry this post was so long. Once I start rambling... My next post will have all the makeup goodies I bought in Asia. I think you'll all be surprised at my restraint!