Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eyeshadow: copper & navy

Another look for you guys today. This time I'm giving my Sparkle 2 palette from Sleek a go. This is a gorgeous palette and one I've neglected for a while. So here's a little sparkle loving. This time I went for the coppery colours and the navy; since I use the green and burgundy the most, I wanted to try different colours for a change. I like the end result.

Sleek i-Divine Sparkle 2 palette.

I first applied Chocolate Penny all over the lid and Truffle along the lower lashline. I added Gold Ribbon to the inner corner and used Twinkle through the crease. I didn't use anything on the browbone for this one, since there was already enough shimmer and glitter going on everywhere else.

Navy blue with coppery bronze shades. A match made in heaven, I think.

I like how this turned out. It's always fun to make yourself use colours that you don't normally wear together. This was actually a little more vibrant in real life (these photos are a teeny bit washed out) and the copper on the lid really popped. Is this a colour combo you guys would consider? What other colour combos should I try using this palette?