Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eyeshadow: pinky purple sparkle

Not only do I have colour today, but I have glittery sparkle too! More new goodies from Singapore in this look. I didn't buy all that much, but they've all been getting quite a flogging. It's still not overly bright or out there and yes, I used my damn Too Faced Naked Eye palette again. Can you blame me? This thing is so versatile. I've also got one of my sparkly new Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. So lovely.

Too Faced Naked Eye palette.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in #24 Lilac (it really is, please ignore the pinkness of this photo).

Having learnt my lesson from the Urban Decay moondust eyeshadows, I first applied Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy all over the lid and along the lower lashline. I then patted Lilac on top of it and dabbed a little on the inner corner too. I then used Unmentionables in the crease and outer third of the lower lashline, with a teeny bit of Stiletto to darken the outer V. I the used In The Buff on the browbone. Then liner and mascara finished it off.

A lilac glittery look. Glitter for wusses, I reckon!

Ah, glitter. How I love thee. I got a bit of fallout applying this eyeshadow, but once I cleaned up, there was no further fallout during the day. Win! The texture of the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow is extremely soft, so you need to be gentle with you brush when you dab it in the pan. There's a hint more purple to this in the real life, but the eye photos are more accurate than the the product photo above.

As an added bonus for reading through all this waffle, here's the exact same look and eyeshadow placement with the other Bobbi Brown eyeshadow I got.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in #21 Taupe.

Golden (not taupe) sparkle.

Pretty, right? Silly that the name isn't accurate, but anyway. I also apologise for all the mascara on my eyelid. After wearing makeup for so many years, you'd think I'd be able to apply it without getting everywhere. Apparently not. Also, the colour correction is off. Sheesh. Amateurs!