Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eyeshadow: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette

It's finally here! I'm so excited to finally have my hands on the latest Sugarpill (www.sugarpillshop.com) palette. I've been drooling over this thing since I first saw swatches of it over a year ago. And I have to say, this baby is worth the wait.

Front: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette.

Back: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette.

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette.

I'm sure you've all seen a million swatches of this palette, but here are some more. All I did was run my finger over each shadow and swipe it dry onto the back of my hand. I'm not wearing any primer or anything. This is just straight out of the pan.

Left to right: Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos and Subterranean.

They're gorgeous and so pigmented, it's unbelievable. Soot & Stars is by far the most pigmented and also the sparkliest. However, I didn't get any fallout or anything from it. The other three are also really intense but shimmery, rather than glittery.

So I did a quick look using the palette. I didn't sleep well last night and I know it shows in these photos, so ignore that. I also didn't want anything too dark or intense, so I didn't even use a primer. These are all used dry. I simply put Elemental Chaos all over the lid and lower lashline, with a little bit of Diamond Eyes on the inner corner. I used the teeniest bit of Soot & Stars in the crease, which I furiously blended out, and then lightly swept Elemental Chaos on top so it looked like a dark purple.

Look at that pretty purple! And that's with no primer.

I love these eyeshadows. I can't wait to do a proper look and try out all the colours in the palette. I just dabbed my crease brush gently in Soot & Stars and it was still way too much. A little goes a very long way! I ended up dipping in the pan and then dabbing on a tissue for my other eye and that worked well. Elemental Chaos is so pigmented, I can't wait to see how intense it looks over a purple base. And you guys know how much I love green, so the next look will definitely have Subterranean in it.

So what do you guys think of the palette? Do you have it? Do you want it?