Wednesday, October 2, 2013

IMATS Sydney (pic heavy)

I'm back with a massive post for you guys. A couple of weekends ago, IMATS hit Sydney. It was held in Darling Harbour on September 21 and 22, although I only attended on Saturday, the 22nd. My day was crazy! I thought it would be a good idea to combine two events for the one day, which made things hectic. In addition to IMATS, my sister and I had facials booked at the fancy SpaQ, so we decided to spend the night at a hotel in the city.

My day began at 6am. Ugh! I got ready and was on the 6:52 train to the city. I went straight to the hotel and dumped my bag before heading to the convention centre. I got there at about 8:15 and the lines were really long! I believe this is only the third IMATS to be held in Sydney. I went the first year and was overseas last year, so believe me when I say this thing has grown since the last time I came! The first year I arrived at about the same time and I was actually inside the foyer of the convention centre. As you can see, I had no such luck this year.

The people lined up in front of me. This goes from the entrance to the event hall, through the foyer and then outside. 

The line of people behind me went on as far as the eye could see.

Ah, the entrance is within sight!

My first stop, as always, was the Inglot booth. The majority of people head straight to MAC or Inglot, with some even hitting the Royal & Langnickel stand first, as it's always the first thing you see as you enter. Inglot still has the most organised booth of anyone. You grab a pen and order form from any one of the many staff there, test out anything you want and then hand your completed form to a staff member. It takes a while, but they always let you know how long it will take so you can check out other stands while you wait.

Inglot! There are about eight full sets of testers around the booth. Plenty of room for everyone.

 Lots of people waiting to pay. You need to get in early before they start selling out!

The Make Up Store stand was surprisingly small, although instead of providing a full range of their makeup, everything at the stall was discounted. I love MUS makeup, but it's quite expensive, so I was happy to pay less for the few items I got. One of them was 70% off the retail price. Can't argue with that! I was also lucky enough to get four of their gorgeous makeup magazines before they'd sold out.

Heavy discounts at the Make Up Store booth.

Around the corner from Inglot and Make Up Store was the huge Crown Brush stand. I got a couple of brushes, with each one well under $10. I love affordable they are. I always stock up on Crown brushes, as the Royal & Langnickel stand is always so crowded and busy, and the brushes have served me well in the past.

A sea of brushes at the Crown Brush stand.

The Kryolan stall was nicely spread out. Very few staff, though.

 It was a glitter frenzy at the LASplash stand.

See what I meant about the Royal & Langnickel booth? It's right in the entrance, too.

My next stop was Girlee Cosmetics, and Aussie brand I'd never heard of before. I got a couple of gorgeous loose eyeshadows that were quite reasonably priced. They also had a range of pressed eyeshadows, brushes, sponges, lashes and other cosmetics.

Aussie brand Girlee Cosmetics. 

The Hub stall had Gorgeous Cosmetics along with Bioderma, which I believe they'd sold out of before I'd even left.

I attempted to visit the Scotty's Makeup booth, but it was quite busy. I did eventually get to sample some OCC lip tars, but the range was overwhelming so I actually didn't get any! I was hoping to check out some of the new metallic ones, but I guess they haven't hit Australia yet. Scotty's also had Sugarpill on display! So pretty. The other reason for the crowd here was Ben Nye. You try the makeup at the separate Ben Nye stall and then make your purchase at the Scotty's booth. I thought this was a silly idea because there obviously wasn't enough staff to handle it.

Scotty's Makeup was really busy and more intense than it appears here.

The Ben Nye stand was just for testing. If you wanted to buy anything, you had to brave the Scotty's stand.

Next was the Embryollise stand. I sampled a moisturiser and then bought it, only to discover back at the hotel that the girl gave me the wrong product. I ended up with an exfoliating mask instead. I'll still use it, at least. She even said it was difficult for them because everything is in French. Oh well, maybe next time.

There was discounted Embryollise at the show.

I gave Naked Cosmetics a miss at the last IMATS I attended because it was somewhat pricey, but this year they were doing great discounts. They were selling their six-packs of loose eyeshadows for $30, or two for $50. I ended up going for the two for $50, which made it excellent value. It was hard to choose, though!

The Naked Cosmetics stand was popular.

Look at all those sparkly Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows!

The Mehron stand was in a difficult spot between MAC and Royal & Langnickel.

The insanity that was MAC. I gave it a wide berth.

Similar story with Lime Crime. Couldn't get near the thing.

In addition to all the pretty makeup for sale, there's always an assortment of props and special effects makeup on display. There was a range of awesome creepiness here with a number of Star Wars-related items on display.

A storm trooper and R2D2.

Cool-looking prosthetics.

This guy was one of my favourites. Reminded me of the Toxic Avenger.

An alien.


 A wounded corpse!

He doesn't look too happy.

A Mad Max-esque version of the storm trooper and R2D2. 

Phew! That's it. It's obviously a much smaller event than those held in the US, for example, but it's always exciting nonetheless. There was no Illamasqua this year, although that could be a good thing. The stall they had two years ago was pathetic: about five things for sale at the world's smallest stand and then they sold out of most of it before midday on the first day of the event! Lime Crime was probably the most popular newcomer. I heard people talking and some had even flown interstate to attend! That's dedication.

Because I'm absolutely hopeless and because I was up at the crack of dawn and note really with it, I only remembered to take photos of my eye makeup once I got the hotel. That was after a stroll along the harbour and a Lindt chocolate milkshake later...

Quick and easy purples! The lighting in the hotel room sucked.

I can't even remember everything I used, except that the lid and lower lashline was Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in #83 Illusoire. That's because it takes about 30 seconds to apply. Sorry!

Also, apologies for the crappy photos in this post. I forgot to turn on the flash so some are really blurry. There was another funny photo I wanted to post but it was too blurry to even see anything. There was a guy operating an R2D2 via remote control and he took my photo with him. The funny part was some guy dressed as Batman photobombed me! Haha. 

All in all, it was a great day. Well done if you slogged through this whole post! Next up will be a post of my goodies from the event. I didn't buy a lot compared to the last time, but I'm happy with my goodies.